We at H2O Holistic Health Options have dedicated ourselves to awakening consciousness and working in service to the evolution of humankind. We believe that we live in a vibrational universe. Everything that we perceive in the world of form is an interpretation of vibration and frequency and originates in the realm of the unseen, which is imperceptible to our five senses.


Awakening is a revelation that we are already Divinely perfect beings. This realization is a function of disregarding what is not True, rather than attempting to attain something we believe we lack. The awakening process occurs naturally as we raise and refine our frequency.


As sovereign energetic beings that are expressions of the One Source, we each have a responsibility to manage our energy fields. At H2O, we are committed to providing events, services and products that enhance the connection of body, mind and spirit and align you with your highest vibrational potential. 


Our intention is that through our work, we assist in creating awareness that we are energetic beings, first and foremost. And that what we experience as our external circumstances, or our outer landscape, is a reflection of our internal energetic environment, which includes the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions.


Working on the level of frequency and vibration is akin to addressing the foundation of our experience. Inner peace leads to outer peace. As we find peace in our hearts, we will see that reflected in the world of effects. We aspire to support people in the shift from limited perception to more expanded awareness. 


 Lisa Byrne is a Musician, Sound Healer & Reiki Master. Lisa utilizes the sacred healing sound of the Didgeridoo, Tibetan & Crystal Bowls, Voice, Drum and Native American Flute during sound blessings and Group B.L.I.S.S. Lisa works with individuals and groups to facilitate a variety of sound related events.  She has been teaching the Didgeridoo for 18 years. She is the founder of Sacred Sounds Cafe, an improv music experience that builds confidence, teamwork and allows people to connect with their "inner musician". She is the co-founder of H2O Holistic Health Options and the owner/co-publisher of E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community Magazine.    




Laurie Gambacorta has been living, teaching and sharing the gift of Reiki with others for 29 years. As a long time practitioner of the healing arts, she has honed her intuitive skills and developed her spiritual practice through Reiki, meditation, yoga, dance, chanting and channeling messages from Spirit. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied with the world's top health & wellness experts. She is the founder of H2O Holistic Health Options, the editor and co-publisher of E.P.I.C. Magazine and the founder of the Four Corners Reiki Project, holding the vision of “a healer in every home” in the Four Corners region.






Lisa and Laurie,


Sara and I have so much Gratitude and Love for you both. The Angel Board has provided guidance, clarity, and an abundance of expansion within both of our lives.


Your ability to hold space for our journey was/is such a blessing to us both. Thank You for providing such a clear channel, such a gift.




Paul and Sara Arredondo

Talent, OR




BLISS was the most phenomenal healing experience - it was just that - Blissful. Together the energywork and the sound made me feel vibrant, open, more alive, and pain free. I could feel the sound vibrations going through my body, causing me to vibrate and open up.


The energywork cleared my head and really helped my neck and back pain. I have felt great and energized for days now.


One or the other is great, but the combination of the two makes it extra special. What a great recipe for healing! If you are looking for

a great healing experience, I most highly recommend these wonderful healers.


Susan C. Page

Durango, CO





Lisa is one of the most present, authentic sound healers I've met.

I felt altered from the different instruments, like the didgeridoo and Tibetan bowls. My cells were vibrating and it was safe to let go and feel the sound enter the spirit.


Laurie is a gifted Reiki healer and teacher, who I am so grateful to have gotten my Reiki I & II attunements from. She is an authentic person and a great teacher with tons of knowledge

and experience. 


H2O...what you get is real...Laurie and Lisa do awesome healing work and hold space for people to heal. They are warm souls with great gifts to offer.


Nikki Thompson

Los Angeles, CA