Didgeridoo Classes


The Didgeridoo is one of the oldest wind instruments on the planet, played by the Aborigines of Australia for thousands of years. Playing the Didgeridoo allows acces to other states of consciousness, improves health, enhances creativity, increases intuition and is a conduit for meditation and prayer. Tuition includes instruction, modern didgeridoo and travel bag. No prior musical experience is necessary. *Pre-registration is required to ensure a didgeridoo is available. $175 Call Lisa to register 970.375.7794.


Saturday & Sunday 

(Two day class) 10AM-12PM 





​​Reiki Level III


Third Degree or Level Three Reiki is the Master/Teacher Level. It prepares you to teach and share the gift of Reiki. Level Three explores what it means to be a Master, teaches the Master symbols, how to perform attunements and how to teach each of the Three Degrees. Reiki is a great gift and one of the most powerful practices available to humanity. The deeper you go into the practice of Reiki, more and more gifts are revealed. Sharing and teaching something that has the potential to create lasting shifts in consciousness is an honor and a privilege.


There are special requirements that must be met before being accepted for registration. The deadline for submitting the requirements is TBA. $750 Call Laurie to register.


TBA Saturday & Sunday 


Location TBA

Reiki Level I


Reiki is a profoundly powerful, yet simple system of touch healing with innumerable benefits. It empowers you to activate and achieve your potential as a human Be-ing.

First Degree or Level One Reiki explores the history, philosophy and principles of this healing modality. Participants learn to channel universal life force; an energy that works on multiple levels: body, mind & spirit. This level teaches hands-on protocols for self-healing and working with others as a professional practitioner. $125 Call Laurie to register 970.903.1401.   


Monday September 14th, 2020



Reiki Level II


Second Degree or Level Two Reiki increases the amount of ki practitioners can hold/channel and teaches the Reiki symbols and their meaning. Initiates learn how to perform remote Reiki sessions, exploring several distance healing methods, as well as participate in a guided meditation to make contact with Reiki guides. These Sacred symbols exponentially expand and deepen your practice and enhance awareness of Reiki as a Spiritual Discipline. Many students experience profound shifts in consciousness, increased mental clarity, and expanded intuition after Second Degree attunements. $250 Call Laurie to register 970.903.1401.



TBA Saturday & Sunday


Location TBA


Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration

and let your whole life be Revelation.


~ Eileen Caddy